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to Hospitality Development
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  • Inntempo Consulting, based in Hong Kong, focuses on providing clients with a range of hotel development, project management, feasibility and operational projections, procurement advice and pre-opening services and support.

    Our work covers hotels, resorts, service apartments, residences, villa development, senior living, spa, food & beverage including restaurants and institutional catering.

  • Our services include
    1. Negotiating Agreements including scope and
      contract terms
    2. Budgeting and assembling Project Teams
    3. Lowering capital expenditure
    4. Undertaking Spatial & Facilities Planning
    5. Defining Brand, Identity & Positioning
    6. Assisting in Due Diligence
    7. Detailing overall business strategy
    8. Developing detailed Budget Models &
      Budget Allocation
    9. Fine-tuning of Project Capex and Financial Model
    10. Detailing Pre-Opening Budgets
    11. Analysing Procurement Budgets
    12. Sourcing and Optimisation of Purchasing
    13. Training for in-house Project Procurement Teams
    14. Establishing Delineation and Responsibility Matrices
    15. Optimising Project Critical Path
    16. Administering and supervising of Third Party contracts
    17. Assistance in integration of all Project Tasks
    18. Achieving goals set by owners and operators
  • We represent Owner/Developers in some projects and Operators in other projects. Inntempo Consulting has experience with projects in China and the Asia/Pacific Region and the Mid-East, and will be providing client services through our Swiss office commencing 2015.

    Inntempo Consulting is also the developer of Inntempo™ Hospitality Development Enterprise Solution (HDES): a state-of-the-art, cloud-based, real-time, suite of applications. The entire HDES workspace of 2000+ applications work seamlessly to facilitate the execution of hospitality projects.

Hotel and Resort
Development Strategists

An experienced team of Hospitality Professionals to deliver a wide variety of Central Office Support, Project Management and Pre-Opening support Services.

  • The Hotel Development Enterprise Solution or HDES platform by Inntempo™ Solutions establishes an integrated Knowledge Centre for Hotel Developers and Hotel Management Companies.

    Whether for new hotel developments, renovations, refurbishments, conversions, re-branding or project improvement plans (PIP), the Solution provides a unique platform for processes to be efficiently managed.

    The Users

    Hotel Owners/Developers, Hotel Management Companies, Corporate Functional Divisions, Project Directors and Project Teams, Project Management Companies, Pre-Opening Support teams, Hotel General Manager and Departmental Managers, Project Materials / Purchasing, Project Receiving Department, Logistics Companies and with interfaces to Specialists, Contractors and the entire Vendor Community.

  • Our services include

    More than 2000 Applications, On-line Processes, Data and formulas embedded, Templates included, Dictionaries, Historical Information captured, Terminology defined and Report formats. Our ‘HDES OMA’ or Opening Manager Application, and ‘HDES QMA’ Quality Management Application, ‘HDES Human Assets (HA) Module’, ‘HDES Slippage Module’ are among dozens of programs that bring an efficient and systematized approach to Hotel Development.

    Benefits of Cost & Time Savings

    A shared knowledge platform, cost control and savings, transparency and accountability, quick budgeting, real-time figures, critical path management, reduction in delays, vendor databases, corporate project control, systematic handover between project and operations, reduction of emails, methodical processes, elimination of human error, checklists for all key tasks, management of construction documents, historical pricing captured, comparative reports among projects, and hundreds of other benefits. HDES is designed to support multi-brand, multi-currency and multi-location projects world-wide. HDES is a versatile product for international hotel development.

  • Interfaceable Software, Flexible Hardware, Cloud-Based

    Our Interfaceable software allows for numerous third party applications to be easily and readily connected, including most Microsoft based programs and other third party designed applications. Our touch-screen design works on Smart-Phones, Tablets, Phablets, Laptops and PCs from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Lenovo and other popular brands. We support numerous browsers including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Our User-friendly, Cloud-based solution can be accessed over WI-FI anywhere in the world. Just tap on.


    HDES is developed by a team of Hotel Management professionals, with more than 25 years of hotel project management and hotel opening experience. The Technical Support Services (TSS) team is manned by our experienced team to answer questions about hotel development processes and about the HDES Platform. For more information, click on the Contact Us or send an e-mail to

Hospitality Development
Enterprise Solution (HDES)

A state-of-the-art Hospitality Enterprise Development Solution for Central Offices, Project Offices and Pre-Opening Offices.

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